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Keeping the weight after successful exercise

Uphill battle when dieting they must be coupled with efforts to maintain a stable body weight after diet.

You need to make habits that have benefits for your health.

Doing healthy behavior will prevent you get tired easily, and keeping the mind active.

Here is a habit that is effective in maintaining weight loss.

1. Do not avoid calories
When dieting does need to reduce calorie intake. But after reaching ideal weight, it hardly needs to be done again. Your body needs the appropriate caloric requirement for maintaining metabolic rate.

2. Getting enough sleep
Filling healthy habits should not be overlooked is sleep eight hours every day. If after the weight down and your lack of sleep, then it may make you lethargic and limp.

3. Stay active
Move active during the day is very important to burn calories before you eat. Do not forget to add the amount of protein and high-fiber foods to recover energy.

4. Eat smaller portions
After a strict diet, you should regularly eat smaller portions in order to keep good digestion. This will suppress curiosity fed continuously.

5. Sports
Although weight has gone down, does not mean you stop exercising. You are advised to exercise 30 minutes every day so that the body fit.

6. Avoid stress
Stress is often called the silent killer. If the body is not stressed, then the ideal body weight will remain stable. According to some studies, stress triggers a person eating excessively unhealthy.

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