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Drink enough water so you can lose the weight

Sufficient water intake has a myriad of benefits for the body, such as weight loss, and maintain healthy skin.

Drinking water does not mean you have to constantly eat throughout the day.
There is the best time to be beneficial optimal fluid intake.

1. A glass of water after waking up
One or two glasses of water you drink after waking to break down toxins in your body's systems and organs. Add honey, lemon, and cinnamon for maximum results.

2. A glass of water half an hour before meals
Drink a glass of water before meals will control the appetite that is not excessive. This way, you can lose weight.

3. Do not drink water during meals
When eating, avoid consuming water. Because, this will make the digestive system work less effectively.

4. Replace the water with yoghurt
If you are thirsty during the meal, do not drink the water. Drinking yoghurt instead. Yoghurt has the same cooling effect on the body, but it will not inhibit the digestive system.

5. Drink water when hungry
Signals of hunger and thirst are very similar and difficult to distinguish. You need to drink water when you feel hungry, and wait for about 10 minutes. If you're still hungry, a sign it is time to eat. This can prevent excessive snacking desires.

6. A glass of water to a tired brain
About 75 percent of the brain consists of water. Drinking a glass of water will help the brain function better.

7. Drink more when insomnia
When the body has the water intake really enough, to be sure you will sleep soundly. The hydrated body can transport nutrients much better.

8. Drink before and after exercise
In order to prevent tired more quickly, you should drink water before exercise. Muscles need a lot of nutrients, and water helps the transport of nutrients in the body.

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