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There are reasons why keep belly fat

The main cause is the distended paunch or physical inactivity. Note the paunchy, sluggish and difficult way up from sitting on the floor. In addition, dietary fat person is also out of line, good portions and nutrient content. Other causes are the bad habits and emotional factors.

Less Physical Activity
Less physical activity means that the energy expended by the body is relatively small so a lot of energy that is not used. Energy that is not used is stored by the body as energy reserves in the form of fat. If left unchecked it will form fat deposits. This causes fat deposits potbelly.

Sitting Too Long

People who work a lot easier to sit will be hungry. Normally it will consume a snack or meal with larger portions. While physical activity just sitting. As a result the food calories are not burned up, partly buried as fat on parts of the body, especially the abdomen, hips, and thighs. In addition to the accumulation of fat, sedentary also cause the blood circulation is less smooth. Office employees and long-distance drivers are prone to have potbelly / distended.

Not Routine Sports
Lazy to exercise or workout routine but is also a cause potbelly. There are so many reasons someone does not want to exercise, but he knows the benefits of exercise. Everyone knows that among the benefits of exercise is to burn body fat that causes distended abdomen.

Wrong Diet
Precisely not one diet, they may not be aware that certain types of food is the cause of abdominal fat, or perhaps because of these foods again and again booming trend that is considered as a lifestyle. Here are some foods and drinks cause the stomach fat.

Fast food

Fast food (fast food or junk food) are foods that are not recommended to be consumed too often. Fast food contain minimal nutritional value but contain calories, fat, and sugar that is high enough to be digested by the body. Because it is difficult to digest that reason, these foods will settle on the body and the cause of belly fat.

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