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surprising things that can lead you to acne

Dealing with acne is never pleasant. The skin disease is sometimes difficult to treat and remove scars. Therefore, whatever is done to avoid the onset of acne, ranging from diligently cleaning the face, keep eating, until the facial routine. Unfortunately, these methods do not always work preventing acne.

If you are one of them, look again at the daily habits. Acne is not only arise because of facial treatments, hormonal, or food. Unpredictable factors also could be the trigger. Like what?

1. Detergents
The mattress becomes a place most convenient for many people. Who would have thought if the bed can cause red bumps on your face or body. The cause is a detergent used to wash the bed linen. Some detergents containing perfumes and harsh cleansers can irritate the skin and trigger acne. If you feel this is the cause, just change your detergent with fragrance-free cleanser and has been tested for sensitive skin.

2. Couple
For those of you who are married may often share many things, ranging from bedding to towels. It was also able to contribute to the disturbed condition of the skin. The cause is exposure of another person's face oil that are foreign in your skin that can clog pores and then cause acne. Not only that, kissing can also be a trigger. For that reason, avoid wearing towels and pillowcases same. Check also whether the couple wearing facial products such as oil, perfume, or a moisturizer that can trigger acne in you.

3. Water
Water can also be the cause. Generally the water with chlorine content can make skin dry and cause irritation such as acne or eczema. When you feel the water in your area is not safe for the face conditions, try using the filters on the tap or shower to reduce chlorine.

4. AC
Not always conditioned to make you 'cool'. AC could have negative effects on the health of the skin to make it dry. When dry, the skin can produce more oil which can make the face prone to acne. To that end, set the air conditioner to avoid temperatures that are too cold and use a serum to hydrate to prevent harmful effects on the skin.

5. Hard Facial Cleanser
People who have problems with acne will definitely be looking for anti acne products to treat it. But be careful in the election because otherwise the skin condition may worsen. Avoid cleansers that are too harsh.

"Treatment of acne can be irritating, so pair them with a gentle facial cleanser that repair and protect the skin's barrier. If not, your acne may get worse rather than better," said Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical dermatology research at Mt. Sinai Hospital told Byrdie.

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