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The ways to treating acne breakouts

Some minor acne may not be a problem. But if the situation is getting worse and acne enlarged, it will certainly affect the appearance and self-confidence.

The first thing to do is, do not panic. Stress and panic will actually trigger the production of hormones and oil which will further aggravate the condition of your skin. Perform ways to handle acne enlarged, as quoted from Type F ..

1. Get rid of the problem at the root
Acne most appropriate course to eradicate the roots. Consult the state of your skin on a dermatologist to determine the cause of acne. It could be a health or environmental factors cause acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe obatsebagai early containment, can be oral or topical medications that contain benzoyl peroxide.

2. Diligent Cleaning Face
Acne will be more difficult to overcome if the face is greasy and not clean. Therefore, always clean your face every day, during the morning and before bed. Use the special cleansing acne or facial foam is soft and oil-free formula. Gently clean using warm water to remove oil and dirt.

3. Be mindful Select Product
Note the facial products used, especially when acne worse. Sensitive skin is more prone to acne if the products used contain perfumes, deodorants, or alcohol. We recommend that you buy and use oil-free products to cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Polar products like make-up special acne prone skin so that you can still look stylish and not aggravate acne.

4. Relax with Sauna
Acne worse, the stress level increases. Rest yourself while doing the sauna once a week. Sauna helpful also opens the pores and removes dead skin cells. Do not forget to clean the rest of sweat after a sauna with a cold shower.

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