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Gaining the fitness level like a basketball player

You like to play basketball, Bro? If yes, do you know that optimize the benefits of playing basketball is very good for your health? Learn the basic techniques of basketball that can actually give you great benefits for your body. In fact, some of the techniques you can apply in everyday life.

Rob Lowe, one of the Hollywood actress said that she did a lot of sports to keep in shape, one of which is to play basketball. Playing basketball requires you to run and jump on an ongoing basis. As a result, playing basketball help you burn calories and doing cardio. Playing basketball with the correct technique for half an hour even your body can burn calories up to 355 calories, Bro!

One of the basic techniques of basketball that you can make your exercise routine at home is Basketball Jumps. This basic technique you can do without basketball. This exercise is similar to skipping, only you jump from side to side. Step-by-step training are:

Take a low step in the right direction with your right foot
Jump in with both feet at the same time you throw the ball to your basket

Repeat this step and change the direction of the jump you every thirty seconds. Do not forget, so that your knees are not injured, put your foot straight down while jumping. Open your feet shoulder width apart. The lower you bend your knees, the higher the leap, and the more calories you can burn pretty, Bro! Wanna try?

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