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Improve your spirit to train the body

Need an injection of enthusiasm? Do not worry. We summarize the benefit-benefit have the ideal body to restore the spirit and commitment. Who knows, you just find a new purpose for the back gym.

1. Exercise and keep (and grow) your muscle. Golden rule in the form of muscle (and other sports skills in general) is a use it or lose it. When the muscle stops trained for a long time, the muscle will stop growing and shrink until it disappeared. Conversely, if you go ahead regardless of laziness, your muscles will grow with certainty, and the ideal body were getting closer to expectations. Surely you choose the latter, is not it?

2. Exercise and be attractive. That's a fact! Survey in 2009 showed that most women like men are athletic but not overly muscular. Sounds like your dream body, right? Here's more. Research in the Proceedings of the Royal Society shows that women prefer men with a V shape, the chest broad shoulders and backs. And yes, one way to get into shape as it is to train the muscles of your upper body in the gym. So, getting pumped up, yet?

3. Exercise and live longer. Athletic body does look more attractive, but this body is also much healthier. You know, every additional five centimeters of healthy waist circumference (approximately four inch hand), you increase the risk of death and seventeen percent! Age is the secret of the Above, but of course you choose a fit body to older than sickly body. It is not like that?

Finally, there is no power that can foster commitment and motivation you except your own. As they say, "I can, you too."

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