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The healthy and delicious snacks to consume at night

Eating above 8 pm can cause increased body width. However, eating at night when it's done in a healthy manner can sometimes offer a series of health benefits.

For example, a protein meal at night can build muscle while sleeping. Not only that, here are five good snacks to be consumed during the night.

1. Dark chocolate
Not all types of chocolate bad for the body. There is a big difference in the nutrient content of dark chocolate. Especially if you make your own chocolate and low in sugar. Because, it turns dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, fight inflammation and improve your mood.

2. Pumpkin seeds roasted
Snack evenings that help you relax and friend to sleep is roasted pumpkin seeds. A serving of pumpkin seeds contains nearly 50 percent of magnesium intake. Magnesium itself is an essential mineral that is used for the key to the health of your body. A little taste of salted pumpkin seeds curb your desire to eat salty snacks like chips.

3. Cheese
Cheese is a source of protein casein. Casein role in improving your sleep to be more qualified.

4. Strawberry banana ice cream
Studies recommend the ice cream is excellent for the evening snack. As an alternative, try the consumption of ice cream made with frozen bananas. Mash bananas and add frozen like ice cream without added sugar, fat and calories. Lastly add the strawberries for a touch of flavor and vitamin C.

5. Frozen Blueberries
Sweet and cool flavor of frozen blueberries that will make you look more refreshed. Blueberries one of the best foods for the healthy. Research shows that the nutrients in blueberries may help brain function and heart health.

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