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Egg white can help the muscle growth

In chicken eggs, about two-thirds of its contents is a clear liquid substance that we call the egg whites. Savor the egg whites very possible for so many people, especially if this part is rich in various compounds that nourish.

Approximately 92 percent of the total content of the egg white is water. The remaining 8 percent is a mixture of proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins, and glucose. Surprisingly, the protein in egg white numbering about 148 species that are all different. Additionally, another advantage possessed by the egg whites are almost without fat and carbohydrate content is very low, at less than 1 percent.

Some Potential Efficacy of Egg White

Inside an egg, egg whites own existence is to protect the egg yolks while providing additional nutrients. The last function will be used for the growth of the embryo if fertilized. Then, how the properties of the egg white to humans? Some of the things below are a function of white eggs that are beneficial to humans.

Intake for muscle growth

The protein content is one of the virtues of the efficacy of egg white for the body. This makes sense considering the intake of protein is an important component in building the body. For athletes and anyone who undergo regular strength training, the intake of protein and carbohydrates are quite indispensable for the growth and repair of body muscles. The amount of protein and carbohydrates of course depend on the activities undertaken.

Clean your face

Efficacy egg whites can also be applied to the outside of the body, such as the face. The egg whites combined with lemon and honey can be used as a mask that effectively reduce the possibility of acne or blackheads on the face. For the skin, egg white has potential as a custodian and fasteners. In addition, the egg whites are also potentially help tighten pores.

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