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What to do before and after exercise

How is the response of your body muscle development is very dependent on the activities you do, including things that had not previously been unthinkable to do. Here are 20 important steps that must be considered and carried on before, during, and after exercise:

before Exercise

Encourage the training partner of his recovery ability level with you, have a strong motivation and a serious workout. It is important that you and your partner to remind and motivate each other to exercise.
Choose a workout that fits your schedule and avoid rush hour workout gym in order to be effective and minimal interference.
If you are still tired from the previous exercise, delay your workouts and practice the next day. If it is often the case, change the training schedule or lifestyle in order to recover fully and do not count toward your workout.
Do not be too long put off the exercise after eating because it can result in lack of energy workout. But do not also direct the exercise after eating because it can cause dizziness while exercising. Eat foods that are easily digested 2 hours before exercise.

after Exercise

You should immediately consume beverages rich in protein and carbohydrate-rich foods that are easily digested maximum of half an hour after practice. More precisely consume 30-50 grams of protein and 60-100 grams of carbohydrate or according to your body size. Two hours later you have to consume a great meal.
Be sure to sleep the night early in the days of exercise for 8-9 hours to maximize the post-exercise recovery and increase muscle mass growth.
Reevaluate all your exercise program per day exercise includes a video recording of your exercise movement. Correction re-engineering movement, the time required per set, control of movement in each repetition, breathing techniques, efforts are deployed, the level of focus and concentration, as well as many more.

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