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12 benefits of warm-up exercises before doing exercise

1. The best time to stretch your muscles are after blood flow and temperatures have risen on their network, in order to make them more pliable.
2. If you do not do a full workout before stretching, doing light aerobic exercise for a few minutes before stretching.
3. Make sure you do warming should be tailored to your specific needs. For example, older people with arthritis may require longer warm-up, and more slowly than younger people. With time, you will learn what type of heating is best for you.

Maybe you of the usual childhood activities warming or warming up before exercising. At the time of the first school we are taught to warm up before entering the lesson to sports practice in the field. At least we were told to jog around the field or traveling on the roads outside the vicinity of the school. When the morning calisthenics along with any initial motion exercises for the coming heating certainly not too late

12 benefits of warm-up exercises before doing core exercise can be described as follows:

1. By warming up exercise, the blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen will flow to the muscles so ready to be driven heavier work.
2. To avoid injury. Effects, Impacts and Consequences Not Doing Warming Sports joints and bones can lead to injury to muscle and joint injuries. Of course, the injury would be very disruptive activities and may be so painful that need further medical treatment.
3. Injuries can be shaped muscle sprains, whiplash, sprains, muscle cramps, muscle pain, and so on.
Increase in body temperature as well as networks.
4. Streamlining the flow of blood through the active muscles.
5. Increase your heart rate so that it can prepare the system works the heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular).
6. Raising the level of energy emitted by the body's metabolism.
7. Streamlining the exchange (binding) of oxygen in hemoglobin.
8. Increase the travel speed of nerve signals that control body movement.
9. Increase the efficiency in the process of reciprocal innervation, making it easier for the muscles to contract and relax more quickly and efficiently.
10. Reduce the tension in the muscles.
11. Improving the ability of the connective tissue in the movement elongated or stretched.
12. Improve the physical work capacity of athletes and improving health conditions of athletes psychologically.

That's some of the benefits of the warming that we can conclude that warming up before exercise is something that is very important to prepare the body to avoid injury while exercising core.

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