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Types of Olive Oil you can use to cook

Olive oil is classified by the extraction process and acidity levels. Best varieties of olive oil is extra virgin. This type is extracted directly from olives. The process extracts only through a squeeze. So extra virgin first juice obtained from olives. The acidity of extra virgin only 1 percent. Then there are types of virgin olive oil. This type is also derived from the first juice of olives and has a 3 percent acidity.

Then there is the type of fino. This type obtained from a mixture of extra virgin and virgin. There are also olive oil obtained from a combination of virgin olive oil types that have been processed and extra virgin. This type is called pure. The last type is light. This species has been through a screening process whose results affect the color of olive oil.

Olive oil (except extra virgin) can be used for frying or grilling. Better use of olive oil sprayed directly on foods such as vegetables should make a salad.
How Long Olive Oil Can Be Used?
There are olive oil products last three months of the production process. But there also could last up to two years. Even so, the benefits are even better if you spend no more than a year. According to the study, the levels of antioxidants in olive oil will drop dramatically after being stored for one year, although you have to keep it properly.

To get the benefits of olive oil to the maximum, we recommend that you buy olive oil can be discharged roughly in half year period. Save the packaging in a dark place, away from light, and avoid the heat. We recommend saving in airtight bottles or metal cans.

You can also store it in the fridge. But olive oil can change the texture and color when cooled. You do not need to worry because it does not affect the quality of olive oil. The condition can be back to normal when olive oil was placed at room temperature.

Do you want to try olive oil? You can buy it at the nearest supermarket. Make sure the product you purchase has been registered . Note also the production date on the packaging to determine the limits of the use of olive oil. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor.

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