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Turning Rosella to be healthy foods

In addition to be beneficial for health tea, rosella can also be processed into some delicious food and refreshing. Benefits Rosella on food intended to add flavor, aroma, and a unique look. The food that can be produced from rosella additions include:

Rosella plants used as food ingredients are part of the leaf. In some parts of Asia, rosella leaves used as ingredients for cooking as a mixture of other materials. In Vietnam, the young leaves and stems are used for cooking soup combined with fish or eel.
Rosella tea is obtained from the dried rosella flower petals. Sour taste with a reddish color. Ways of making the tea is put two teaspoons of dried rosella flower in a pot, then pour boiling water into the teapot. Rosella can also be used as a refreshing drink. These drinks are often served cold, syrupy added fruit and mint flavorings. Rosella even made into wine in Thailand.
Rosella other parts can be made into food is a flower bud that is processed into fruit preserves or jam can also be used. Rosella jam home made products in Queensland, Australia.

Benefits rosella widely known for this relates to the efficacy of rosella in disease healing. But already since a long time, the nations of Africa, Asia, and even Europe to wear rosella as a food or beverage to be consumed daily. and create your fave meals now with the help of Flavilicious Cooking Review: Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

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