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Keeping the healthy and the beauty of teeth

Brushing your teeth every day is certainly very important. Besides cleaning up the remnants of food stuck, tooth brushing aims to maintain your teeth to stay white.

But have you feel if your teeth more yellow while you are diligent about brushing your teeth? In addition to age or aging, can also be caused by unhealthy foods.

In addition, the drugs can also affect the health of your teeth. For that, you need to visit the dentist twice a year.

However there are some natural ways that can be done to restore the whiteness of your teeth.

- Soda
Baking soda is a tooth whitening agent is most effective. Soda will make the color whiter teeth and remove the accumulation of plaque.
Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with toothpaste and then brush your teeth. Do it twice a week.

- Lemon
Lemons contain bleaching agents. It certainly worked well against your yellow teeth. You can use lemon peel extract. Rub on your teeth or rinse your mouth with lemon juice mixed with water.

- Apple
Some experts recommend an apple to whiten teeth naturally. Chewing an apple a day will let nature sour apple work on your teeth.

- Strawberries
This fruit is also quite effective to help in whitening your teeth. Mash a few strawberries into a smooth batter. Apply on your teeth every night.

- Salt
Salts of course is good for your teeth. Generally, toothpaste contains salt that will help clean and whiten teeth. Rub salt on your teeth gently every day to reduce discoloration.

- Tulsi leaves
In Indonesia, also known as tulsi basil leaves. Many people underestimate this leaves because of its aroma. But basil leaves fairly effectively repair yellow teeth. The role of this plant as herb treatment is also very important.

- Orange peel
Orange peel contains calcium and vitamin C, which fight bacteria in the mouth. Orange peel will also eliminate discoloration of the teeth. Rub your teeth with orange skin three times a week.

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