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The Benefits of lemon For Health and Beauty

Lemon containing vitamin C are considered as the fruit is good for health and beauty. In addition to containing vitamin C, also contains lemon bioflavonoids into one form of antioxidants that can protect the body from free radical damage.

Not only contains 51 percent of vitamin C that the body needs, lemons also contain fiber, protein, calcium, and many other minerals. With vitamins and minerals, lemon gives considerable benefits for the body. see my Health Blog And Reviews

Lemon Benefits For Health and Beauty
To get the benefits of lemons, you can eat them directly or by adding a few other ingredients. Here are some other possibilities lemon for health benefits.

Increase endurance. Why can assist in improving endurance? Because lemon contain vitamin C with high content and bioflavonoids. You also can avoid the flu if you eat this fruit.

Fight free radicals. By consuming lemon either processed into juice or eaten alone can provide vitamin C and antioxidants that can help fight cancer-causing elements ie free radicals.

Preventing asthma. Although still in the early stages of research, taking vitamin C as much as 1 gram per day is thought to prevent asthma.

Eliminate dandruff. Mix one cup of water with a teaspoon of lemon to remove stubborn dandruff on your scalp. Rub the mixture on your scalp and wash after 2 minutes.

Helps the absorption of iron. Try to eat foods containing iron by adding lemon juice. With so iron in the spinach would be more easily absorbed by the body. Iron is important for health because iron deficiency can cause anemia and interfere with other bodily functions.

Minimizing the risk of ischemic stroke. Women who eat lots of citrus fruit can lower the chances of developing ischemic stroke by at least 19 percent compared to those who did not. Although this still needs further investigation, it would not hurt you to enter a lemon into your diet.

Remove dead skin cells. By mixing the lemon juice and sugar, you'll get natural herbs to remove dead skin cells on the body or your face.

Take Benefit and Permanent Note About It
Although the benefits of lemon is good for health and beauty, you also need to pay attention to use because otherwise it can cause irritation. If you use lemon juice on the skin, then you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Due to the content contained in the lemon, the psoralen, can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. Avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 24 hours.

In addition, in order to avoid or minimize irritation, you can mix lemon juice with water. And avoid the thin skin areas such as the lips or around the eye.

Not only noticed its use, if you want to use lemon as skin care, pay attention to your skin condition. Here are some skin conditions should not use lemon as a skin treatment.

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