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Simple hairstyle when you go to the office

In addition to clothing, hairstyle becomes equally important to consider before going to the office.

Here, we summarize four models hair you can apply before leaving office.

1. Messy (random)
With Messy hairdo (random), you can look stylish even though did not have much time. As information, this random hair trends never hits in the '80s. This arrangement is suitable for those who have a young soul, serious, but still relaxed.

To obtain a natural wave, hair stylists advise you to wash at night. However, do not comb the hair using a comb, but by hand to straighten your hair.

2. Bob
For you who like neat hairstyle, you can choose a short bob cuts. To create the volume to the hair, comb the hair with a comb perforated or ventilated in the middle.

3. fish tail braid (fishtail)
In addition will give the impression innocent face, fish tail braid is perfect for those who want to look neat with long hair, but do not have much time to arrange.

Make fishtail rather easy. Braid behind you. Then, tie the end with a rubber. After that, pull the braid to the side.

4. break off ballerina
Not hard to make this model hairdo. How, arrange your hair first. Then, to the hair bun ponytail hair covered. Pin-flops so that coils can not be separated.

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