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Is exercise before sleeping good?

Keeping your body healthy is important, especially when related to the heart and lungs. To stay healthy, you should exercise in the morning. So what if you do not have time to exercise in the morning and just do it at night?

A study says that a person has a good quality sleep after exercise before bed. However, there are also studies that show the opposite result.

Do exercise at night was good or bad?
Exercise before bed will not be bad if you do it right. Make sure only light exercise and a little snack after doing so. In addition, you also must shower before sleep.

What effect during sleep?
Some people may experience sleep disturbances after exercising. This is because the body temperature rises and the body becomes active once so make some people find it difficult to sleep.

In that case, you should work out two hours before bedtime. However, some others do not experience problems with their sleep.

Creating a better sleep quality
Try the following tips, take a deep breath and meditation after exercising to reduce the level of adrenaline and got a good sleep quality. After exercise, wash with cold water to lower body temperature.

Use essential oils
Using essential oils and supplements tranquilizers such as extracts of kava , lavender oil, flower extracts and magnesium powder can help reduce anxiety so after exercise you can sleep soundly.

Being more relaxed
If you have a busy day, exercise before bed can make the body relaxed again. This is the best reason why exercise before bed is needed

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