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Burgers and french fries is not recommended when dieting

Eating burgers and fries are not only fattening, but also making fool. Similarly, a study released in Dailymail.

Researchers found that a high intake of Western-style food since the age of 14 years to score lower on cognitive tasks students at the age of 17 years. Researchers found that respondents with a higher intake of fast food among fried potatoes, red meat, processed meat, and soft drinks have negative associations that affect their reaction time, mental ability, visual attention, learning, and memory.

While respondents who eat lots of fruits and green vegetables have a positive cognition. A researcher Science Network, Dr. Anett Nyaradi, saying it could happen due to an increase in micronutrient content of green leafy vegetables are associated with improved cognitive development.

Anett says several factors may play a role in cognitive decline include a high level of omega-6 fatty acids in fried foods and red meat. Running the best metabolic function is to balance the ratio of 1: 1 (read: 1: 1) of omega-3 and omega-6. While Western-style food can shift the ratio of 1:20 or 1:25, according to the Science Network.

"Adolescence is a period of critical time for brain development. There is a possibility that a poor diet is a significant risk factor during this period. Of course, our findings support these proportions. These findings have important implications for health policy future and health promotion program , "said Dr. Anett Nyaradi.

University of Western Australia and the Telethon Institute observed 602 children from the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort. Each participant was asked to complete a food frequency questionnaire to identify the factor analysis of healthy eating and Western-style food. When they returned at age 17, they assessed the cognitive performance of the six tasks using a computerized system.

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Havr you got enough exercise?

No other treatment were as good as any regular physical and mental exercise program that is able to guarantee your health in the long term. This statement was written by Dr. Walter Bortz II, a professor of the faculty of medicine in 1982. Until now, the principle of the above statement seems valid because many health experts who cite the statement. Well then, how about you? Have you had enough exercise so that health guaranteed?

There are those who argue that they are not fat so do not exercise. People who are overweight do need adequate exercise, but even if you're not fat, regular exercise program can improve health and prevent many serious diseases, including cancer.

In addition, recent studies have demonstrated that physical activity can reduce anxiety and may even prevent depression. In fact, a lot of thin people who suffer from mental and emotional stress, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems that are aggravated lack of exercise. So, enough exercise are equally useful for those who are obese or not.
Lifestyle Less Motion-What Does It?

There are many opinions about how it's sedentary lifestyle. Most health experts agree with the general guidelines that apply to most people. Based on the guidelines approved by several health organizations, including the lack of movement you if:

No exercise or physical activity energetic least 30 minutes three times a week
Not moving anywhere while doing a relaxing activity
Rarely walk more than 100 meters in a day
More often sit besides bedtime
Having a profession that does not require physically active.

So, from the above guidelines, have you enough exercise? If the answer is no, you can start to turn it on now. How to?
Set Goals Naturally

The first step when creating a plan to start an exercise program is to set realistic goals. Start slowly and gradually increase the sports activities. For example starts by inserting a few extra minutes of physical activity every day and work up to 30 minutes for a few days each week.

Additional physical activity is quite simply the ordinary, such as walking and climbing stairs, only this time to be more frequent, longer, or faster. You should focus on regularity, rather than the intensity. So, schedule a day and time devoted to exercise. And keep as much as possible on the schedule.

Despite increasing daily physical activity is enough to produce health benefits are evident, but health experts claim that greater benefits could be obtained from a more energetic sporting activities. This includes exercise as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and other aerobic sports.

After a few weeks you start a regular exercise schedule, chances are it has become a habit and a normal part of your life. Greater the chances you begin to feel the various health benefits of lifestyle enough exercise.


Tips to get the Benefit Fully from Naps

Research has shown that regular napping habits could reduce the level of stress and even reduce the risk of heart disease. To be able to fully enjoy the benefits of napping, follow the practical tips below:

Be consistent. Make a regular nap schedule. The best time for a nap is at 1 pm until 3 pm. Bedtime is too late can make it difficult to fall asleep at night.
Only a while. Set the alarm on your cell phone for 30 minutes or less if you do not want to wake up with a feeling of confusion.
Dark-darkness. Try to nap in a dark room or use a blindfold. Blocking the light entering the eye may help you fall asleep faster.
Warm yourself. Napping blanket covering the body can help keep the body temperature remains warm because body temperature tends to decrease when sleeping. improve body with Health Blog And Reviews

If you can not nap, I would have been so fussy and do not focus on the day when my lack of sleep. For me, a nap is helpful to restore the energy consumed.

Besides useful for office workers, a nap is also very powerful to maintain the vigilance of the driver of the vehicle. Many people are aware of the dangers of driving when drowsy.

But still, many drivers impose themselves continue to spur vehicle when the eye is severe, endangering themselves and others. Therefore, the driver should be aware of when the body gives signals tired and complied with a short nap in the rest area thereby restoring the level of vigilance.

Keep in mind that the benefits of napping is not the same for everyone. Some people might be insomnia at night if a nap, while others can not nap. Make a custom schedule a nap if you always feel tired during the day, had to undergo a long work shift, and was accustomed to napping and be sure not disturb night sleep schedule.