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Over time, brain function will be diminishing as a result of the aging process and the effects of deteriorating health conditions. Therefore, know how to improve memory so that the brain's ability remains optimal.

The aging process is certainly not inevitable and many sicknesses that are difficult to prevent. It's never too late to do things that can sharpen memory. A healthy lifestyle will not only have a positive impact on physical health but also mental health.

Techniques Can Be Applied
A healthy lifestyle consists of several aspects. Here are some good habits to do so memory brain can be maintained.

Pay attention to your food

The brain would need a good intake of foods that ability to awake. If a person is too many foods with high saturated fat, then the ability of the brain to be at stake. Conversely, if foods such as green vegetables, fish oil, and soybeans improved the brain function will be maintained. Reduce or limit your alcoholic drinks that have a negative effect on the brain.

A time to exercise

Regular exercise is also considered as a way to maintain an effective memory. Regular exercise improving blood circulation in the body and this means that the blood supply to the brain would be better than someone who did not exercise. With the smooth blood supply to the brain, neural networks will receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs. In addition, regular exercise can also keep someone from anxiety and depression.

if the brain

The brain also needs to be trained to be his ability to stay awake. The saying "the more honed blade will be more sharply," applies also to the brain. Some ways to train the brain functions including memory is to do crossword puzzles, play puzzles, diligent reading, playing chess and other strategy games.

Organize your activity

Very often one forgets for goods which he put as laid out in any place. Remember how many times you have to buy a pen, pencil, or other writing instrument because you carelessly put it. For that, start organizing life ranging from trivial things like this. Put stuff in place, wrote the daily agenda, and dispose of goods that are not used will make the brain more focused so that memory is maintained.

Maximize also the use of the gadget, calendar, and alarm to be given daily routine. So that the activities will be aided, organize the daily schedule in order to remain the same so that the brain is easy to remember.

Enough rest

And enough quality sleep plays an important role in maintaining a person's ability to remember and focus. At bedtime, someone will collect back memories of things that have happened in the past. Get enough rest also keeps the body fit so that the potential stress can be avoided.

active socializing

Do not disconnect the friendship with the people around you. Chatting with friends, and loved ones is how to increase the effective memory. Catch up with them allows you free from stress and depression. Both conditions are closely related to the causes of memory loss.

Take care of myself

If you suffer from depression or other chronic diseases such as kidney and thyroid disorders, so follow the advice and step treatment from a doctor. If you can, keep taking care of yourself purposes because it will make your brain work to remember the things you really need. Ask also clear guidance about medicines that you consume. Remember, some drug use can affect memory in the brain.

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