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person with more friends are happier

People who isolate themselves and do not want to be friends with other people normally unhappy. They often feel lonely and of course it is bad for health. Conversely, those who have good friends-though few-can feel happier and healthier. Why is that? This article will explain to you the benefits have friends both in terms of health.

A friendship can have a major impact on your health and wellbeing, but to cultivate friendships can be tough. By understanding how important the benefits of friendship, so perhaps you can better appreciate and learn how to build a friendship with someone who is good for your life.
What are the Benefits of Friendship?

Good friend will rejoice with you when excited and ready to provide support / assistance in difficult times. Friends like that repel loneliness and make you feel needed. Keeping in touch with a good friend also gave benefits:

Enhance the feeling of happiness and reduce stress
Improving confidence and self-esteem
Help cope with the trauma, for example due to divorce, serious illness, loss of a job, or the death of a loved one
Encouraging you to change or avoid bad habits, such as smoking or lack of exercise

There are many studies have shown the benefits of friends that are good for health. A study involving 61 women with advanced stage ovarian cancer. The participants who receive social support had a type of protein interleukin 6 (which is associated with the malignancy of cancer) were lower. While women who lack social support had higher levels of interleukin 6 as much as 70% higher.

In 1989, a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University named David Spiegel published a paper in the Lancet historic. He stated that breast cancer patients who participated in a support group-a group of people who support each other-can live two times longer than those who did not participate.
The impact of Habit Alone

What about those who prefer solitude? Are they at risk has bad health due prefer to be alone? Yes, but only if they feel lonely. A study found that drug abuse by young people is mostly done by those who feel lonely.

Parents who feel lonely tend to have high blood pressure and poor sleep quality. They are also easy to tense and anxious. Different studies show that new students who had few acquaintances and feel lonely have a lower immune response to flu vaccination. They also have more levels of stress hormones in the blood.

A friend may sometimes make you upset with a talk or actions. But behind all the action sucks he'd ever done, you appeared to get more happiness than pique. If you do not feel there is someone like that, seek to make friends, to enjoy the benefits had a good friend.

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