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What you must know about refined sugar

Table sugar is a type of sugar that is most frequently used. But it turns out there are other kinds of sugars, such as refined sugar color is white and has a higher level of purity.

Raw sugar as the first processed results are synthesized sucrose from sugar cane and can not be consumed directly. Once processed again, raw sugar will be refined sugar. In the processing to be refined sugar contains molasses (a thick liquid containing sugar) has been eliminated.

Manufacture of refined sugar starting from the raw sugar crystals soaked to soften in the concentrated syrup. This is done to remove the layer of chocolate on the crystal without making late. Crystal clear, and then mixed into a liquid which is then filtered out of the dirt left behind. Liquid sugar solution is then boiled and cooled to form crystals of white sugar. Refined sugar is widely used in various industries for more pure and look cleaner than raw sugar.

In addition to refined sugar, there are other kinds of sugars.

Granulated sugar: the most commonly used as a sweetener in drinks more delicious served warm, such as tea or coffee. These sugars can be used for additional materials make homemade food as well. Granulated sugar is often used as a preservative in products jam and candied fruit.
Brown sugar: brown sugar or dark with light alloy residual sugar liquids or granules are deliberately mixed with liquid sugar. This type of sugar commonly used in the manufacture of sweets and breads.
Low-calorie sugar: made from maltodextrin, which is a synthetic polysaccharide that is easy to digest, such as aspartame, stevia, saccharin, or sucralose.
Syrup: sugar syrup into the materials used in the product manufacturer for mixed instant drinks, cakes, and breads. This type of sugar used to avoid crystallization of sugar and to store moisture.
Liquid sugar: a syrup made of approximately 60 percent of sugar dissolved in water. This sugar is used in the manufacture of large-scale products, such as candy, ice cream, butter bread, and drinks.
Milled sugar: sugar also called powder used to coat the cake or bread.
Molasses: generally used to load the rum drinks.
Sugar cubes: solid white granulated sugar or brown compacted to form a beam. Generally used for sweetening beverages.
Fruit sugar: This type of sugar converted into alcohol by fermentation.

It turned out as a sweetener in food and beverages, sugar is also used in the process of making a cake as a developer, giving a nice texture and color, as well as help the fermentation process.

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