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What you need to know about Trypsin Enzyme Deficiency

In the pancreas are exocrine glands that produce enzymes such as chymotrypsin and trypsin digest protein, lipase to break down fats, and amylase to process carbohydrates. When food enters the stomach, these enzymes are released into the channel system which leads to the main pancreatic duct. Pancreatic duct is then joined together to form the ampulla of the bile ducts located in the duodenum or the upper small intestine.

Protein in humans is produced in the form of trypsinogen prankeas which then enters the small intestine through the bile ducts. Enterokinase enzyme then converts trypsinogen into active form, ie trypsin. Then trypsin digest other pancreatic enzymes into their active form.

Trypsin itself is a protein that can be digested by itself. This process is called autolysis an important role in the living body. If the trypsin activation in the pancreas does not happen perfectly, trypsin can not be digested and cause pancreatitis derived.
Trypsin Enzyme Deficiency
If not fulfilled properly, the enzyme trypsin deficiency can make the body undergoes a dangerous disease. Here are some of the conditions associated with the enzyme trypsin deficiency:

Exocrine pancreatic enzyme deficiency: this is due to reduced gastrointestinal disorders of the digestive juices from the pancreas, so that the body can not break down food to get the nutrients. This condition can cause malnutrition. Feces were great, greasy, pale, and difficult flushing is one of the main symptoms of this disease. Another symptom is night blindness, abdominal bloating, bone pain, weight loss, and skin that is easily bruised.
Cystic fibrosis: This disease makes the pancreas stops producing normal digestive enzymes, so that the body difficulty absorbing nutrients from food. Generally, people with cystic fibrosis live to the age of 20-30 years with proper care. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, decreased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, pancreatitis and / or recurrent sinusitis are symptoms of this disease.

To determine the concentration of pancreatic enzymes, the necessary tests on stool samples to check the work chymotrypsin and trypsin. This examination is necessary among others to detect diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Levels of trypsin and chymotrypsin is not normal may indicate that the pancreas is not working properly.
Supplements Containing Trypsin
Enzyme supplements are needed to meet the needs of trypsin in the body. In general, the following are facts about supplements containing trypsin for health.

Artificial trypsin enzyme supplements can be made of bacteria, fungi, and plants but are usually obtained from the pancreas of cattle.
Trypsin enzyme supplements are generally combined with bromelain to handle routine and osteoarthritis with diclofenac drug name. These drugs can effectively improve knee function and relieve pain.
Supplements are available in the form of a topical trypsin and can be applied directly to wounds and ulcers to promote healing and lifting the dead tissue.
The combination of trypsin, balsam of Peru, and castor oil can be used as a spray or aerosol products to deal with canker sores.

Benefits of trypsin enzyme supplements are given specifically to aid the digestive process needs to be further investigated. On the other hand, the enzyme trypsin, can cause side effects pains and pain when applied, but is still considered safe when administered by medical personnel to relieve and clean the wound.

Be careful, because there is not any information about the effect of this enzyme to pregnant and nursing mothers, so that consumption in this group is recommended to be avoided or should be consulted first to see a doctor. Avoid using it when in close contact with flame or while smoking. Some types of products containing the enzyme trypsin flammable. Therefore always consult your doctor before taking supplements of the enzyme trypsin.

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