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Lactose intolerance you must know

Lactose intolerance, but the possibility can not be equated with a milk allergy. Lactose itself is a major element of the glokosa sugars, galactose and glucose smaller. Lactose must first be broken down into glokosa and galactose when it enters the body and to be easily absorbed by the intestine. Fractions of lactose is absorbed by cells in the small intestine. While the enzyme that breaks down lactose is called lactase which is located on the surface of the small intestine. cook your fave foods at

Lactose intolerance may be experienced due to a decrease in lactase or no activity of lactase to break down lactose. The decline in activity was caused by three things:


These events can be caused by congenital. Can also occur in infants so that when infants have these allergies should be given a meal replacement that does not contain lactose.

Effects of other diseases

Lactose intolerance also because of the impact of other diseases such as thrush celial, there is also a disease that causes damage to the lining of the small intestine and lactase.

Age factor

Age also affects their lactose intolerance. As people age, the amount of lactase in the body also decreased. These events generally termed hypolactasia adults and occur genetically.

Decrease in lactase symptoms are not similar to lactose intolerance. People who have lactase deficiency is usually due to drinking milk. While lactose intolerance due to lactase and cause a decrease in the number of allergy symptoms.

alerti lactose sign

People who experience lactose alrgi show some symptoms such as stomach bloating, cramping, pain, gaseous, diarrhea after consuming lactose products. Usually, people often assume digestion. The severity of symptoms also depends on how much lactose is consumed. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of lactose products in order not to cause sustained impact such as weight loss and malnutrition.

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