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Five methods that can help you lose belly fat

A flat tummy is everybody's dream both women and men. One of the many benefits of a flat stomach is able to maximize performance. You can be creative using any fashion without worrying protruding abdomen. Flat belly make increased confidence.

Various methods are used to get a flat stomach, one of which is with sports shrink the stomach. Because not all sports have a direct impact on the abdomen. There is aiming to shrink thighs, calves and arms. Therefore, you need to know and understand that shrink the stomach right.

Sports shrink the stomach should not require equipment or sports equipment are bulky and expensive. You can do this exercise at home with makeshift equipment. Here are some types of sports shrink the stomach that you can do in daily activities:


This sport is most easily done but in reality there are still many people who are lazy to do it. Though the benefits of jogging very much for health, among others, the body burns calories and increases the metabolic system. When you expect to have a flat stomach, the body's metabolic system should work well for a good metabolism can eliminate the fats that accumulate mainly in the abdomen.

Jogging makes stamina awake, you will feel fitter all day, work can be done with passion. Why? because jogging exercise trains the respiratory system and heart. For those who frequently hit by laziness need to do sports shrink the stomach this one.

The thing to watch when you want to practice jogging is the time. We recommend starting the morning when the air is still clean and the sun is still healthy. Drinking enough water an hour before jogging so that the throat will not dry. Time jogging you can customize the abilities and schedule. Normally, 30 minutes is sufficient and should be routinely performed every day.

2. cycling

Sports shrink the stomach this one does require costs of having to buy a bicycle. However, the cost of buying a bike would not be expensive when compared to the functions and benefits. You can not only use the bike as a sport, but also as a means of transportation. So, you can minimize the cost of transportation.

Additionally, you will greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy environment free of pollution as a result of motor vehicle fumes. Biking relationship with shrink the stomach is in training and tighten abdominal muscles. Many calories are burned while cycling. In 30 minutes can burn approximately 300 calories depending on the speed while pedaling. Circulatory also be smooth and nourish the heart.

3. swim

Did not have a pool at home? You do not need to worry, now has many places that rent out the pool, such as a hotel. The price also varied, ranging from Rp. 25.00- 100,000. Depending on the hotel and its facilities. Swimming is also a form of recreation, so all vacation eliminate tired, neither in sports shrink the stomach.

When swimming all the muscles of the body moves, is very good for the formation of lean muscle. Swim body burns calories that much because the whole body movement. Routine swim make the mind calm and relaxed, you become increasingly getting to work.


Crunch is a sports shrink the stomach similar to sit-ups. The difference is, more specifically crunch movement stomach muscles. That is why the movement cruch highly recommended for those who want to have a slim stomach and abdominal muscles tight. Movement crunch varied, one of which is the reverse crunch.

Therefore, you must know the movements, should not be perfunctory. Unless you have a personal trainer, you can do a crunch movement itself by learning in advance through video tutorials. When this has been a lot of crunch tutorial video circulating on the Internet. Staying leaving time to learn.

5. dance

Ever see dancers potbellied and large? I think rarely or even not at all. Why? because the dance moves all the muscles of the body and can burn 300-500 calories an hour. Dancing is one of the alternative ways to shrink the stomach besides sports. There are various types of dancing that you can try include salsa that can form a lean body and supple.

Belly dance is a lot of stomach move could also be a smart choice because in addition to getting a flat belly also strengthens the pubic bone so that your life is getting warmer. One artist who uses dance as a sports shrink the stomach is Jennifer Lopez. This artist back into shape post-birth twins.

created by Albert from The Flat Belly Code Review

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