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The healthy habits you can do to losing the weight

You must have some friends who always look slim without much effort. If you're wondering why it happened, a recent study from Cornell Food and Brand Lab has the answer.

"Most people slim is not a strict diet or extreme health rules to remain at a healthy weight," said study author Dr. Brian Wansink.

"On the contrary, they practice simple habits such as not to miss breakfast, and listen to the inner cues," explains Dr. Brian.

Maintaining healthy habits that simple is one overall rule for maintaining good health. Researchers analyzed the habits of 147 adults who participated in the Global Healthy Weight online Registry, a database where registered members responded to several questions regarding exercise, diet and lifestyle habits everyday.

The participants notes one thing: habit is the key.

For the most part, the habit is the need to succeed, as well as for health.

Here are some things that make a slim body without doing much of the burden.

1. Breakfast

About 96 percent of participants have breakfast every day. The study found that people who skip breakfast tend to consume more calories at lunch. Skipping breakfast also associated with weight gain over time.

2. Sports

As many as 42 percent of participants reported that they exercised five times or more a week. Sport does not make tired body and brain, and reduce the symptoms of stress and depression, and the risk of diabetes and a host of other health problems.

In addition, exercise can also reduce weight. Endorphins you get from sprints to help resist the temptation of alcohol or a loaf of bread.

3. Routine see the scales

About 50 per cent of the svelte in research always see their scales every week. New research finds that it is good practice to lose weight and maintain a healthy size.

"Stepping on the scale should be like brushing your teeth," said David Levitsky, a professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell University, told USA Today.

When the scales decreases the size, it can be used as an indication of progress toward a healthier lifestyle. But for some people, seeing the scales can trigger depression, stress, and counterproductive behavior such as emotional eating. Feeling lost when looking at the scales could also end up feeling happy. If you are not prepared for this, just skip this point tips.

4. Do not limit what you eat

According to the study, 44 percent of participants reported that they belong to the strategy does not limit such as listening to inner cues, eating quality foods, and low in processed and cooked at home.

These three things are proven to lead to a more healthy lifestyle. If you feel hungry after lunch, better bring food from home instead of buying a snack from the vending machine snacks. Home-cooked food is one smart way to cut calories and spending.

5. Eat consciously

People who look good in general are not on a strict diet. Instead, they think what will they put into their bodies. About 74 percent of participants admitted to never go on a diet and 92 percent of them are aware of what they eat.

These numbers show that people who slim think when going to eat, whether out of boredom or indeed hungry.

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