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The yoga to balance the body and mind

Yoga is not just a gesture to cope with depression and stress, fatigue or pain. Specifically, yoga emphasizes control over the activities of the body, senses, and mind. Your mind is the heart of your life. Good thoughts, good body requires anyway. Both should be treated and controlled to keep it healthy and sustainable.

To obtain the benefits of yoga in fact, there are eight stages tiered to do or called Astangga Yoga. Here are eight stages of yoga in disciplining the body and mind. If the eighth step is conducted regularly and orderly, peaceful and healthy effects will soon have. Let's practice!


means restrictions that include abstinence hurt other creatures, both in thought, word, or never steal, never lustful and never have the rights of others.

v Niyama

means civilizing ourselves and including external and internal sanctification, peace, meditate, study and worship before God Almighty.


literally means a comfortable posture. During this convenient movement of the body remains in a state that is very relaxed and very deep breathing which naturally accompanies this posture, carrying a large amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood stream.

v pranayama

together with control of vital energy. Life is an energy (prana) in the body. This maintains energy or power of the body's functions by vibrating cells, nerves, and other organs. This vibration is obtained from the pulse prana (life force) repeated.

v pratyahara

means controlling the senses and consist of withdrawal of the senses. Our senses have a great tendency to move out to fulfill his wish. Lists different types of self introversion process.

v Dharana

means concentrating on one object of meditation such as the tip of the nose or the middle of the forehead and so on. The mind must be upheld, strong and focused, like a candle calm, erect and unshaken by the disturbances.

v Dhyana

meaning meditation and consists of undisturbed flow of thoughts around the object of meditation. This is the full attention without any break.


means concentration. This is the latest stage in the yoga system. Here the mind is completely absorbed in meditation object. It is a tool for realizing the highest removal mental modifications that goal.

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