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People who like to eat chocolate can solve problem better and faster

The Australian study revealed that people who eat different types of chocolate once a week can do a variety of cognitive tasks well, than those who rarely eat sweets.

Cause, chocolate contains an antioxidant called flavonoids, which is good for improving concentration, memory, to help people solve the problem well.

Flavonoids are also contained in wine, some fruit, and vegetables.

Is the University of Maine and the University of South Australia (UniSA) who led the study. The researchers analyzed a thousand people aged 30 years, consisting of a variety of health indicators.

The researchers looked at whether eating chocolate regularly have a correlation with improved brain function.

The study's authors, Dr. Georgie Crichton from UniSA said chocolate consumption has been heavily linked with cardiovascular health, which is related to heart and blood vessels. However, the effect of chocolate on Neurocognition and its behavior is still poorly known.

Although this is good news, Dr. Crichton still recommend to accompany the consumption of chocolate with healthful foods.

"Of course, chocolate intake should be accompanied by a healthy diet as a whole, the ratio of total energy intake and energy needs of the individual," he said, as reported by, Wednesday (24/2/3016).

This is not the first study to demonstrate the benefits of chocolate. Last year, research in the United Kingdom and Denmark also found that eating 100 grams of chocolate per day may reduce coronary heart disease.

Still based on the research, people who often eat chocolate, either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke than those who do not eat at all.

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