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The foods where you can make your body eat more

Busy at work, during lunch hour you will usually choose the diet that are practical and can reliably fast 'glut'. In fact, there are several such intake that can actually make you hungry faster you know.

That is the reason why approximately 1-2 hours after lunch, you're likely to come back hungry and lead to feed back. In the long term, this practice can certainly make weight gain.

Therefore, you need to more carefully select menus eat. Any intake can actually make you hungry again quickly? Here's the list, as summarized from Prevention:

Fruit juice

According to nutritionists Jess Cording, RD, fruits are important because it contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But do not make the juice as the main menu because he has zero protein and fat.

"A lot of juice packaging states that the product contains similar nutrients 3-4 pieces per bottle, but generally the product is not enough to give you a sense of satiety as eating 3-4 original pieces," added the other nutritionists, Alex Caspero, RD.

Therefore, Caspero mention if you are busy and prefer to drink juice as the main intake, you actually will feel like not eating anything, so it's easy hungry again.

Egg whites

Although rich in protein, but eating the egg whites just technically not necessarily going to make you satisfied. Therefore, low-calorie egg white and virtually fat-free. You will again feel hungry after eating egg whites.

Nutritionist Isabel Smith, RD says if you want to eat menu of eggs, then you should use whole eggs: yolks and egg whites.

"Egg yolk contains healthy nutrients like lutein, which is beneficial for eye health. Together with several other proteins and healthy fats in it, the nutrient content of eggs you get will be much greater if you eat them whole," added Smith.

oatmeal cookies

Such as whole wheat bread, whole-grain crackers are also believed to help you quickly fill up on carbohydrates. However, if you only eat this intake only, then you will not get enough protein or fat. As a result, you'll come back hungry for a while after.

Cording to explain, to increase satiety and preventing hunger comes back in a short time you can add a bit of fat and protein, for example with peanut butter.

salty food

Be careful when ordering or cook their own meals, avoid menus that tend to be too salty yes. Smith explained that the food was salty alias has a sodium content is too high can make you easily thirsty and easily want to back to eating. As is known, the thirst is often mistaken for hunger for some people.

"Therefore, avoid excessive salt use. Do not forget to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and hunger 'fake'. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger," said Smith.

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