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What expert think about teenagers who want to do diet

Have an ideal body is a dream of all people, including young women. Well, not infrequently the young women on a strict diet in order to get the ideal body.

In response to this, dra psychologist Ratih Ibrahim Andjayani M.Psi said many young women could be 'picky' or like Choose your picky about food only to have an ideal body. According to Ruth, it did not escape the influence of social media.

"Teenagers see social media, there is a body good. And it lured them to have a body like that," said Ruth at the launch of the book 'I Am Me' at Kinokuniya Book Store, Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, recently.

Now because of this, the teenagers ignore incoming nutrients in their bodies. So that these issues affect the young organs.

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"Though she was later same children of God, duty to build a future. If the organ is not good later children can see why," said psychologist and CEO's Personal Growth.

Ruth also reminded the young women not on a strict diet. Because he considers adolescence as a period of growth that requires a lot of nutrients.

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