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The ideal preparation to do healthy diet

When you start a diet program to lose weight, there are some important things that you should avoid. This diet program that can run smoothly without disturbing your health.

One is not to let the stomach too hungry throughout the day. Because it can actually make you go crazy eating and weight loss can actually rise.

Here are four things to avoid when trying to start a diet program

'Disposing of the food groups

Many people mistakenly make a diet program with a 'throw' one type of food group such as carbohydrates. According to nutritionists from Walla Walla Clinic, Washington, Adina Pearson, RD, this is precisely wrong.

Avoiding one type of intake of certain foods or certain food groups according to Pearson can actually interfere with your diet program. "Restrictions excess can increase the desire and appetite. The brain will actually programmed that food is something fun," said Pearson.

Compared to avoid a particular food group, Pearson revealed the selection of the right portion becomes better. Eat a variety of foods with a healthy balanced diet.

Delaying mealtime

Because the reasons for wanting to reduce the appetite, not a few people then actually delay the time of eating. Yet according to a study from the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University, to delay eating it makes you eat more. Calories consumed too much.

"Our results suggest that ordering food when you're too hungry, can lead to excessive calorie intake," said the study's lead author, Eric M. VanEpps.

Changing everything at once

Allow time for the body to get accustomed to your diet program, do not rush. Forcing herself to replace everything, ranging from sports schedules, feeding schedule, and a variety of other things as well, it makes you become easily bored.

According to nutritionists Edwina Clark, RD, weight loss success to be had if you do everything gradually. "If all too quickly, you can instead distress and discomfort," Clark message.

Often staying up late and sleep deprivation

Starting a new diet programs often make a person overly enthusiastic and just so lack of sleep to prepare everything. Be careful, it can actually make a diet plan failed.

When someone is sleep deprived, part of the brain called the hypothalamus decreased activity. This section regulates the release of hormones that control hunger. As a result, appetite increased.

Lack of sleep in the long term jug much associated with an increased risk of diabetes mellitus. Such conditions create a variety of metabolic functions slow down. Scientists from the University of Chicago called the effect is similar to the process of aging.

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