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Exercise routine can make your bones strong

Bone loss can reduce the quality of life. It is also attributable to several factors. Well, to have healthy bones, there lot of things that can be done, one avoids some specific intake.

According Balvinder Rana, MS Orthopedics at Fortis Escorts Research Institute, one of the causes of bone loss are consuming too many foods such as salt, soda, coffee, and chocolate.

"For example, eating salt can cause loss of calcium. Because urine out removing calcium and long-term effects can lead to osteoporosis," said Rana quoted by Fox News.

Rana said, some studies have shown a reduction in salt intake of 10 to 15 grams per day had the same effect as an increase in calcium in the body is 1,000 grams per day.

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"For the soda was also a concern because it can damage bone formation during childhood and adolescence because it can reduce levels of magnesium, phosphorus in soda also limits the ability of the body utilize calcium," said Rana.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, excessive coffee consumption is said Rana can reduce the absorption of calcium in the body. Rana advised to replace coffee with tea because according to studies, people who consumed coffee had a lower risk of fracture.

"Consuming too much alcohol can also make bones porous. Alcohol also affects the liver that affects the function of vitamin D (vitamin bone) and cause weak bones," said Rana.

The last one is brown. Rana said the study shows women who eat more chocolate every day risk having weaker bones than women with less amount of chocolate consumption.

Meanwhile, according to Pamela Hinton, PhD from the University of Missouri bone loss can be reduced risks with sports like running and lifting weights. Pamela said, basically the bone will continue to adapt and become stronger if constantly doing physical exercises.

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