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Breakfast with healthy menu to support your diet program

While in a weight loss program, people will usually 'eliminate' time to eat, one of which is breakfast time. Though breakfast with the right menu can also help weight loss program you know.

According to nutrition expert Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, breakfast is part of a good diet. But if randomly choose the menu, the appetite would be uncontrolled and lower concentration.

Therefore, for weight loss program undisturbed without eliminating breakfast time, you need to carefully choose the right menu to be consumed in the morning.

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"The right foods for breakfast are high protein sources, minimal process, combined with high carbohydrate fiber, and contain healthy fats, eg 1-2 eggs, banana or apple 1 fruit, and full cream milk glass," says Jansen In his book, 'Fit Teen's Diary'.

Jansen mentioned that the combination of such a menu is practical and can make full longer. Concentration is maintained, while the appetite remains stable and not up and down until lunch time.

For breakfast, you should avoid foods high in sugar and fat, or over processed foods such as instant food, instant noodles, sweet cakes, high-sugar cereal, fried foods or snacks.

"In addition to satiety is not durable, such foods contain high calories and cause addiction, so people will usually tend to consume excessively unnoticed," wrote nutritionist graduate California State University, Los Angeles.

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