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Doing selfie is not recommended when you do diet

Self-portraits are often done by men and women to simply show their narcissism. However, at this moment the meaning of selfie becomes changed. Because, some people use selfie as a motivation to get a leaner weight.

Yes, the way to capture a photo of yourself every day seems to be like a 'diary'. Thus, the person can monitor his body shape through selfie photos that are updated daily.

According to Dr Alex Yellowlees, director and consultant psychiatrist at Glasgow's Hospital Priory, documenting weight loss by young women currently triggers dangerous eating disorders or anorexia nervosa, bullimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

"They want to immortalize the development of their body shape to be observed on their own, as if there is progress, but actually more symptoms of anorexia.With pride, they share photos of 'development' to social media," said Dr. Alex.

He added that this trend is supported blog thinspiration featuring some people with a successful diet extreme get the body shape 'ideally'. According to Dr Alex, this would precisely depict the pro-anorexia site by displaying a thin woman's foot photo with a prominent rib, as a very dangerous motivator.

The photographs illustrate that 'food as the enemy' and 'hunger is worth fighting for a perfect body'. The Priory Group, an agency that concentrates on the treatment of eating disorders in the UK noted an increase of 15% of the number of people with eating disorders from 463 cases in 2013, to 535 in 2014.

"The site is still active, but the prevalence is not so visible, but they still communicate actively," said Dr. Alex told The Herald, written on Monday (9/2/2015).

He added, people need to realize that in the actual association the size of clothing worn is not too important. The reason, personal qualities and relationships with others said Dr. Alex plays a more important role in one's social life.

"Obsessive thin and extreme diet is feared will become a trend.Moreover, in adults the phenomenon associated with the risk of depression," lid Dr. Alex.

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