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The bad habits when you're at kitchen

If you are not too sure of yourself, it is tempting to follow the recipe. But unfortunately, if just following a recipe you will miss a valuable opportunity to make a healthier menu. If it says one cup of cream, for example, you can replace it with a Greek yoghurt or avocado team. This simple trick can cut calories without changing the taste. well get better menu in fat burning chef recipes

Cooking food while eating

Holding the urge to taste while cooking may sound impossible, especially if you are starving. Although not harmful, every bite can increase the caloric intake. Well, to avoid it, try to chew gum while cooking. Another solution, you can reduce the portion of food as much as the amount of food picked.

Can not bear to eat leftovers

The dinner tastes so delicious, you feel full and very satisfied. But things began to change while washing the dishes. At that time you accidentally glanced towards the stove and saw there was still a bit of pasta left. Who can bear to see delicious pasta in the kitchen? To work around this, get rid of leftover food as soon as possible so as not to be tempted to touch it.

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