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What might hunt you if you don't do diet properly

When you walk to shopping malls or other public places, it is not difficult to find people who are overweight. Even more and more it seems that more and more people who experience it, no matter what age. Though its impact on health can not be underestimated.

Most surprisingly, obesity does not only affect the size of the clothes or the risk of disease, but also the relationship between families to income. Here are seven 'side effects' of obesity to one's life as reported by ABC News, Tuesday (17/09/2013).

1. Migraines more often
After Johns Hopkins research team surveyed 4,000 people, it was found that the higher a person's body mass index, the greater their chances of developing episodic migraines.

Those who are obese are also 81 percent more likely to experience at least 14 times more migraines each month than people who are healthy. Even obese women aged 50 years and over recorded the most frequent chronic headache.

2. More easily get cancer
Why do people who have more body fat are synonymous with high cancer risk? "It could be because of the excess fat cells can increase hormone activity or increase the factors that cause tumor growth," said Dr. Raul Seballos from Cleveland Clinic.

Seballos also adds that if obese people are at higher risk of developing any type of cancer, including more slowly diagnosed (when the stage is already high) than people who are thinner and more likely to die from it.

3. The more barren
Women who are overweight are more difficult to conceive than those of ideal weight. Even an Indian study of 300 obese women found within three years of study, more than 90 percent of participants had polycystic ovarian disease, one of the diseases associated with infertility.

"Obesity itself is a result of inflammation and that alone has lowered fertility rates, it can also occur as a result of hormonal changes produced by fat tissue," Dr. Marc Bessler, Director of the Center for Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center.

Bessler proved himself, many of his overweight patients find it difficult to get pregnant. Nevertheless, some of his patients may end up containing months after undergoing weight loss surgery.

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