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Exercise but fail to burn fat? find out the reasons

Have you ever felt already tired exercise but weight never go down? It could be a mistake that lies in your habit of giving 'reward' to the body after a sports session of high-calorie foods.

Although exercise proved to have tremendous health benefits, many experts agree that people overstate how many calories they burn, and eat too much fat and sugar-rich snacks.

Though experts point out that one needs to cycle intensively for over an hour to burn a medium-sized pizza, for example.

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"The problem is that people tend to overstate the amount of physical activity they do, but in reality the amount of physical activity is too little but they give the reward of too many bodies," said American Council on Exercise spokesman Jonathan Ross.

Ross who is also a personal trainer based outside Washington DC also added that exercise can play an important role in losing weight, but without coupled with changes in lifestyle and diet, this role becomes limited.

"Let's say that the sport is a box and once the box is filled we will not do anything all day long.Besides there are some weight-loss programs that only emphasize the intake of eating and there are also only highlight the sport, but in fact the combination of both is much more Good than any one, "said Ross.

Moreover Dr. Michele Olson, professor of exercise physiology from Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama said it was difficult to lose weight just by exercise alone.

"One pound of fat alone contains 3,500 calories so if you run a 26 mile (42 km) marathon, where you burn 100 calories per mile, then you will only burn 2,600 calories or 900 calories less to burn a pound of fat alone, "Explained Olson as reported by Daily Mail, Wednesday (7/24/2013).

Olson also added that people should continue to be active, regardless of how much weight they are and whether they are losing weight or not. For moderate intensity exercise for 10 minutes two to three times per day can reduce the risk of death from any disease, especially heart disease, cancer, hypertension (high blood pressure) and stroke.

Another expert, Dr. Joseph Donnelly of the American College of Sports Medicine also revealed that according to a number of studies 250-300 minutes of exercise only counted as a minimal time to lose weight.

"With the duration of 150 minutes of exercise per week you can only maintain weight.That is to lose weight, you need the duration and intensity of the sport more than that," he concluded.

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