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Unique approach you can do to lose weight

Maybe this time the body weight becomes a problem for you. Already trying to diet, holding food, to forget if it has been diet many times and finally resigned to the current weight.

Being thin is not something impossible. Good metabolism is the secret behind the success of it all. Metabolism means the rate at which the body burns the food it eats.

Some researchers even argue that a good metabolism beats every diet rule. Well, quoted from the Times of India, Friday (03/05/2013) here's a unique and easy way to speed up the metabolic rate in your body.

Pineapple Consumption

Pineapple has bromelain which directly affects the digestive system by helping the absorption of nutrients. A sports doctor from New York informs that pineapple is used by digestion to treat indigestion. Bromelain in the fruit helps the pancreas cells break down the nutrients.


Chillies are often touted as a way to increase metabolism. The study says that the capsaicin produced by spicy foods oxidizes the fat layer. Spicy foods are said to increase heart rate and with more energy, while in digesting these foods will burn more calories.

Green tea

Regular bowel movements can help to lose weight and green tea consumption is helpful to this. Studies show that catechins found in green tea can increase metabolism and reduce body mass index. Green tea is also known to lower LDL

Believing disbelief showering with cold water is one of the unique ways to skinny. The thing that causes you to shiver this can increase your metabolism due to muscle contraction.

The body will try to regain normal temperature, as it tries to warm and thus activates the immune system. This allows the body to release more white blood cells in response. Cold bath also works very well on the lymph system, bringing fluid up through the body. Well, here's how to improve the circulation in the body.

Many Laugh

This is true! The researchers said laughing wholeheartedly 100 times the equivalent of spending energy up to 10 minutes on rowing or 15 minutes of cycling. Laughter can reduce stress hormones, which can help improve a person's metabolism. This can boost the immune system to increase the number of T cells that produce antibodies.

With a unique way of thin is not impossible, but remember, do not be done excessively well.

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