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Your office condition may contribute to fat storage

The busyness of the office workers in big cities is getting worse. More and more are so at home in the office, until from breakfast to dinner everything is done in the office. How not fat?

Eating habits in the office, especially at the desk or in front of the computer is clearly very limited physical activity. Whereas in previous studies, lack of movement is the main cause of obesity and various diseases that accompany it.

Recent research in the UK also confirms that the eating habits in the office cause the growing rate of obesity in the country. According to the researchers, the habit of eating at the office not only reduces physical activity but also triggers an unhealthy diet or diet.

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Funded by the Wonderful Pistachios snack company, this research reveals that 50 percent of respondents eat breakfast and lunch at work desks. Even 10 percent of them also enjoy dinner in the same place, not in their own home.

Whether or not this habit is known, researchers have sparked a desire to snack all day long. The results also showed that 4 out of 10 respondents admitted to eating unhealthy snacks, at least twice daily on a regular basis.

A total of 4 out of 10 respondents reasoned, snacking can boost energy or stamina during work. Approximately 50 percent even confess, snacking make more spirit. Whatever it is, most recognize the lack of overcrowded time and busyness as an excuse to eat at the desk.

"Many people struggle to manage life as highly demanding workers, with the need for a healthy diet, constant food conversation, constant boredom and temptation make it easy for workers to forget their healthy parts of life," the researchers said as quoted by the Daily Mail , Tuesday

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