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being Slim should be your resolution target of this year

Beginning of the year will be more meaningful if accompanied by a resolution of healthy life. One way is to set the diet and choose healthy foods. For those who intend to lose weight a few kg, the new year is also quite appropriate serve as the momentum of the start of dietary struggle.

"Healthy living can be started at any time, the most important is his determination and continued by his efforts Having a resolution of losing weight or changing a healthy lifestyle in the new year can at least strengthen commitment, it's already initial capital," said Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah, nutritionist From the Faculty of Human Ecology Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) to Health as written on Wednesday

Prof Hardinsyah said that intention is one important factor that affects the success of the diet program. With a strong initial intention, there is at least a desire to change and implement a healthy lifestyle. This is agreed by Rina (25 years), a bank employee in Jakarta who has the resolution want to lose weight in 2013.

"I feel my weight is more than normal, it's quite annoying, sometimes shortness of breath at night, cepet tired during physical activity and the most difficult to choose clothes," said Rina.

However, Rina admits that intention alone is not enough. The most important is the consistency in applying the diet every day. In fact, he had several times a diet but failed because it is less consistent to run it.

The program changes the healthy diet is not merely to lose weight alone. There are people who intend to change their diet for fear of the use of chemicals in food.

One of them is Duala, a 24-year-old virgin who is trying to consume organic food and processed her own. He claimed to be worried by the increasing cases of cancer, especially among women, due to the wrong diet. So he tried to start changing his diet since this year.

"I want to have a few months, but make sure it fits well in 2013. I'm starting to reduce instant foods and eat healthier foods, in the sense of organic, and consume foods that are beneficial to health, especially fermented preparations," says the girl who works In a media in Yogyakarta

Duala's determination does not just appear. He is indeed familiar with a community in Yogyakarta called Life Patch who is actively planting, treating and processing his own food. Members of this community are actively doing fermentation food making workshops such as kefir and campaigning organic lifestyle.

Because they eat garden plants and processed themselves, of course members of this community know very well that the food is free from pesticides and more healthful. However, pursue a diet like this is not easy and requires a strong determination.

Duala acknowledges that it seems that at least one year is not enough to make it completely organic. Moreover, coupled with a variety of busyness, sometimes there should be a compromise to meet the nutritional needs.

"I still have not felt any significant change because the process is long.I've started to consume the processed foods like Kefir, Kombucha and Wine and make it yourself as well.As same as cooking, sometimes friends who already have our own garden exchange They have organic tomatoes We ask them, we will exchange the same seeds, "he said.

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