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What can put your diet to failure

How to lose weight with the next traditional is with green tea and black tea. This tea is actually the same as tea usually, however, this tea has a stronger effect. see more at healthy guides blog

Tea is very good for health because it contains anti oxidants and also can keep cholesterol levels to remain stable.

Other benefits found in this tea is to help metabolism in the body. So with this will be very helpful to lose weight.

But there are some things in how to lose weight to consider in consuming Green tea and black tea that is not too much because with you consume it, you will not feel hungry but will still feel excited.
Causes of Failure in Weight Loss Programs.

If all the above has been done and still fail, there may be factors that interfere with your diet. Here are some possible factors that cause the failure of weight loss programs include:

1. Lack of sleep

A healthy lifestyle will be closely related to your sleep patterns. Normally, humans sleep for 8 hours a day and at least for sleep is 7 hours a day.

According to research experts, if a person sleeps less than 7 hours a day, will result in the production of hormone cortisol, insulin production and blood sugar will rise. It will greatly affect the body that can become hungry fast and can make insulin resistance in the body that will make the body store a lot of fat.

2. Revenge after doing sports activities

A fatal mistake that often becomes a failure factor in a weight loss program that you are not aware of is revenge after doing sports activities by consuming excessive food. Usually after exercise the body will tend to feel more hungry because the calories in the body has been burned.

Just imagine, when you exercise, you have burned 500 calories after that, you will feel fatigue after exercise and result in your body will feel more hungry and after that you wreak the fatigue by eating without looking and considering the food is eaten .

Finally the results obtained that you have burned your calories as much as 500 calories and that is consumed after the sport could be up to 600 calories or even more than that. So your weight is not even less but your weight will increase even.

3. Late eating.

Failure of how to lose weight next is late to eat. Late eating is something that is usually considered trivial for those who are doing weight loss program. However, there are also some people who think that late eating will be better. In fact there are also deliberate to delay the time to eat. In fact, with it will be very bad for you who are running weight loss program.

Most of those who eat late, will feel very hungry when eating, so it will be difficult to restrain their appetite so that in the end they will eat with a portion more than should be eaten.

So are some tips and ways to lose weight naturally and with traditional materials that you can try. The success or failure of the weight loss program by losing weight above actually depends on the intentions of each person who does it. The most important thing besides thinking about how to lose weight is to build motivation and self awareness that we must be able to do it.

By building your inner spirit is the decisive factor to run your diet program. Well, hopefully reviews on how to lose weight is beneficial to you.

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