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Is it possible becoming slim without dieting

Many people want to lose weight but are lazy to follow a torturous regular diet program. You just need to change the strategy in your daily life to get a slim body without the hassle of going on a diet.

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Here are 5 weight loss strategies that you can do without having a diet, as reported by foxnews, Friday (3/8/12), among others:

1. Breakfast is served

Skipping breakfast is the wrong step to lose weight. Breakfast is very important to prevent conditions that are too hungry during the day so you do not eat lunch with excessive portions.

Studies have also shown that breakfast is a great way to lose weight or keep your weight slim.

2. Eat foods that are low in calories first

When many foods are served on your plate, start eating low-calorie foods first, such as broccoli, carrots, apples and bananas. When you get to other high-calorie foods, you will not be so hungry.

This method can reduce the total excessive caloric intake and still remain energized to undergo the activity.

3. Start with soup

Start lunch or dinner by eating a bowl of broth soup containing vegetables first before eating your main meal. This can block the stomach and make you not tempted to eat high-calorie foods in excess.

4. Divide your lunch into two parts

Someone will sometimes feel hungry when the afternoon before entering dinner time. Eating high-calorie foods during these hours can make weight gain dramatically.

The right way to overcome this is by cutting your lunch into two parts. The first part is eaten at lunchtime and the other half is eaten later in the afternoon.

5. Avoid eating foods containing mayonnaise

Healthy foods like salads can make you gain weight without you even knowing it. Mayonnaise in salads contains high calories, of which one spoon alone contains 100 calories. If you want to enjoy a healthy salad, use olive oil as a toping to replace mayonnaise.

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