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Cold weather may affect the fat storage

There is a new way to lose weight safer than the use of diet drugs, namely by activating the 'good' fats in the body. This good fat can work optimally at cold temperatures.

According to a new study published in the journal PNAS USA, cold temperatures can activate good fats in the body that burn calories and ultimately lose weight.

Good fat is a brown adipose tissue, also known as brown fat found naturally in humans. Previous experiments have shown that brown fat can be stimulated in mice, which promise as a weight-loss therapy in the future, but scientists have not shown success to stimulate brown fat in humans.

Researchers from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston want to compare the effects of ephedrine, a stimulant in drugs used in weight loss, with cold temperatures. Scientists have predicted earlier that cold temperatures can activate brown fat.

The research team tested 10 study participants in three different ways. Participants were given an ephedrine injection and some were wearing a cooling vest. Then after two hours, the researchers measured brown fat activity by using PET or CT scan.

The researchers found that ephedrine does not stimulate the activity of brown fat. Participants who wore a cooling vest for two hours showed significant brown fat activity on the scan results.

"We have found a way to stimulate brown fat in an effective and seemingly safe way by using mild cold-sensation activation We also compare it with weight-loss drugs that do not have the same effect on brown fat activity," says Dr. Harun Cypess, author The main research and doctors at Joslin Diabetes Center as quoted from abcnews, Tuesday (05/06/2012).

However, ephedrine can increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system of the body. These activities include increased blood pressure and heart rate and slow digestion.

The inability of ephedrine to trigger brown fat activity can be the reason why so many diet drugs do not show long-term beneficial results.

"The problem with the use of ephedrine is whether the use of this drug will continually activate the sympathetic nerves of a person.It is safer if weight loss is done only by activating brown fat alone without having to activate the sympathetic nerves" said Cypess.

There is still a lot more research to do to figure out what is the best way to stimulate brown fat through cooling temperatures. Because maybe someone will feel uncomfortable if you have to wear a cooling vest if you want to lose weight.

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Cold weather may affect the fat storage : my life as blogger

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