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Exercise routine is good for the body posture

Exercise has many benefits. In addition to making the body fit, exercise can also be a 'cure' various diseases. For example, exercise can correct kifosis alias hunchback because the sport is able to make absorption in the body becomes more leverage.

"The absorption of calcium in the intestine is only about 30-50 percent, so exercise is needed," said Dr. Siti Annisa Nuhonni SpKFR a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation RSCM.

He explained in Anlene's event with the theme "Even Heroes Need a Hero" at Carrefour Mall Kota Kasablanka LG Floor, Jl Casablanca kav 88 Jakarta, and written on Friday (04/26/2013).

Some sports that can help the absorption of calcium and correct the shape of the bone is a sport that provides the burden and beat. He said to tackle bone problems, especially kyphosis or hunchback disease in functional categories, it can be improved with exercise.

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"Exercise is a medicine," said the doctor who familiarly called Dr. Honni this.

There are several sports that can correct kyphosis or hunchback disease that is swimming, gymnastics (back up), and also weight training centered on the spine and spinal muscles.

"While bone-strengthening exercises are stressed-out exercises like running, walking, badminton, and more, just do 30 minutes on a regular basis.This will be very helpful," said the sixth-grader.

Dr Muliaman Mansyur who is also Head of Medical Sales of Fonterra Brands Indonesia in the same activity mentioned besides sport, need a balanced diet to maintain bone health.

"It takes a balanced diet rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D and do weight training on a regular basis," he said.


Exercise routine is good for the body posture : my life as blogger

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