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What you can do to get rid of cholesterol

People who have high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) are usually advised to reduce animal foods or fats. But if you want more quickly down, it must be followed by diligent eating cholesterol-lowering food.

In the United States, a person who consumes lots of meat and fat will be synonymous with a large waistline. Tips that are often recommended is to minimize animal fat or fat that is solid at room temperature. The fat is a source of LDL cholesterol.

But a study conducted by Dr. David Jenkins of Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada found by doing low-fat diet foods, plus diligent eating cholesterol-lowering foods can result in more waste of bad cholesterol.

He recommends eating fruits and vegetables such as eggplant, apple, wine, strawberries, grains, beans, olive oil and soy products are eaten while on a low-fat diet.

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"Some types of vegetables such as eggplants have a rather sticky properties, so it can bind and remove bad cholesterol from the body," said Dr. Jenkins as reported from VOANews, Monday (05/09/2011).

Jenkins has proven cholesterol levels can go down by following a low-fat diet coupled with eating foods that can lower cholesterol.

A total of 350 men and women participated in the study. All participants are a group of people who need cholesterol-lowering drugs. Some participants were on a low-fat diet and ate some foods, including apples, grapes, strawberries, grains, beans, olives or canola oil, and soy products. While some other participants just follow a low-fat diet. Six months later, researchers looked at the results.

The results showed participants who lowered cholesterol with low-fat diet plus eating some foods that can lower cholesterol, for 6 months has decreased 13-14 percent LDL cholesterol levels in the body. While participants who only follow a low-fat diet, after 6 months experienced a decrease in cholesterol levels only 3 percent.

The researchers say another benefit of following a low-fat diet and eating cholesterol-lowering foods is that participants also experience a drop in blood pressure. The study has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


What you can do to get rid of cholesterol : my life as blogger

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