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Strict diet may affect your brain's health

Too strict dieting until the body feels hunger should not be done. Because scientists warn that an excessive diet can make brain cells eat themselves.

Scientists say people who are too struggling to lose weight to make themselves malnourished can cause brain cells to eat themselves because of a strong hunger impulse.

This is because the body responds by producing fatty acids that will trigger hunger signals in the brain and increase the drive for a person to eat.

In the study note that the brain is just like other body parts, brain cells will start to eat itself as the last source of energy to counteract the hunger that arises. The research was conducted by researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, New York.

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The study was conducted using rat animal experiments. The process of brain cells that eat themselves is called autophagy, which is done to prevent the increase in hunger experienced by dieting too tight.

"It is important that every cell can submit its components to maintain the existing process," said lead researcher Dr. Rajat Singh, as quoted by the Telegraph, Wednesday (03/08/2011).

In addition, women who do too strict diet can also affect fertility that will make it difficult to have children, due to disruption of menstrual cycles and the release of eggs.

Another impact is not getting enough nutrients for the body to function properly which can lead to problems such as the immune system and decreased cognitive function, anxiety, depression and susceptibility to disease.


Strict diet may affect your brain's health : my life as blogger

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