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Learn the exercise from this super girl!

Plank is one type of physical exercise is quite challenging. Doing it one minute is considered difficult enough, but this woman can actually do it for 4 minutes.

Yes, the woman is Katie Williams (23). Got a body full of muscle and often exercise, Williams was able to do plank exercise for 4 minutes. He was also able to hold his weight with a pull-up for 5 minutes.

Williams is a former professional runner. After no longer focus on the running field, he tried to do more physical exercise. He even once tried to follow the reality show Ninja Warrior Australian version.

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In his first audition, Williams escaped after a successful five-minute physical exam. During that time, Williams performed plank, pull-up, skipping and other physical exercises.

"This is a difficult audition process, but I feel this is my chance to focus on the athletics field, I feel challenged," said Williams, as quoted from

Williams regularly exercises in the gym three times a week, he also regularly doing wall climb exercises. This is so that his arm muscles are trained and strong enough to sustain his weight throughout the next Ninja Warrior audition.

"This exercise is really tough, I have to practice rock climbing exercises.To train speed, I also practice sprints, up and down stairs, jumping.I also need to train balance and coordination, so sometimes I go to the park and walk past the blocks Balance, "he added.

For the diet, Williams is also quite strict regulate nutrition intake every day. As a breakfast menu, Williams usually chooses oats with bananas and berries, or omelet with vegetables.

The Williams lunch menu is usually a menu of proteins and vegetables, like salmon and some green vegetables. While for dinner, Williams preferred chicken and sweet potatoes.


Learn the exercise from this super girl! : my life as blogger

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