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Should you rely on machines when doing body training?

The debate about which is better between free weights and fitness machines is endless. The use of machines in this exercise often reap the pros and cons between fitness practitioners.

Many consider free weights to be better at including the core muscles and maintaining the natural movement patterns of the body. But the machines are already there for some logical reason.

Instead of favoring one, is not it better if you apply both in your workout? Here are four logical reasons why you need to put the machine into your workout routine.
1. Security Reasons

First and foremost, fitness machines generally offer a higher level of security than free-load, which is very useful for beginners. There is no one hundred percent safe movement, but at least you should not be afraid of losing control of the load you are handling.

Of course you can argue whether the movement on a machine is natural or not. But, it seems pretty obvious if some of the machines are trying to reduce the space to make mistakes during movement.
2. Maximum Charges

When using barbell and dumbbell, you need to balance the load along the set to align the movement path, which, to some extent, limits the amount of load you can lift.

On the other hand, the engine automatically balances the load for you through fixed movement paths. You just need to push or pull the load, so you can put in more load and give maximum load to the muscles more safely.

That way, compound movements like Smith machine bench press, lat-pulldown, and leg press, for example, are very well done at the beginning of the workout when you want to maximize the load when your muscles are still in shape.
3. Techniques To Increase Intensity
Bodybuilder with simulator

When you want to increase the intensity, the engine is often more practical than free weights. Dropsets, for example, are easier to do with a machine because you just shift the pin to a lighter load when it reaches failure.

In addition, another important element is the form of movement. When your muscles are exhausted, your movement technique often becomes messy. Well, the machine can help you in this. In addition to its fixed motion path, your position is also more awake than possible injury.

Some techniques to increase the intensity of a good done with the machine include:

Partial rep, where you move within short range in full motion range.
Negative rep, you are much easier to do with a machine without the help of spotter.
Unilateral negative, on the Smith machine, for example, you can lower the load with one hand and raise it with two hands.
Isometric exercises with specific angles, where you press on immobile loads from different angles.

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4. Constant Voltage

Movement with engine offers constant voltage through full range of motion in each rep; Free weights can not do this. This means there is no place to rest along the range of motion, keeping the targeted muscles tense with gravity.

One of the best examples to explain this is dumbbell fly. There is a tension in the pectoral muscle as you lift the dumbbell up (against gravity), but the voltage is lost when your hands are right up, because you are no longer against gravity.

This makes the end of the range of movement so feels useless. Meanwhile, the movement of a kind of cable fly or cable cross-over can overcome it with a constant tension along the movement, so your pectoral muscles get an uninterrupted stimulus.

So, the more obvious is not the machine benefit for your practice. No need to divide one of them, because machines and free weights can complement each other


Should you rely on machines when doing body training? : my life as blogger

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