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Overeating instant noodles is dangerous for health

For lovers of instant noodles, samyang may not be foreign food products in their ears. Moreover samyang have a characteristic that adds popularity, the spicy sensation that accompanies this food.

Unfortunately, because it contains pig DNA fragments, a number of sam products are withdrawn from the Indonesian market. But regardless of the content, eating instant noodles alone is proven not healthy.

What is the impact of consuming excessive instant noodles? The following exposure as summarized Health, Monday (19/06/2017).

1. Obesity
Prof. Dr. Endang L Achadi, MPH, Dr.PH from Department of Nutrition Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia, consume instant noodles are not healthy because the nutrition is not balanced.

"There are even other advantages, especially carbohydrates and fats derived from oil marinade, resulting in obesity," he explained.

Especially in one pack of instant noodles, contained calories can reach 500 calories, so it can add calories absorbed by the body. This is a nutritional line from Lagizi, Jansen Ongko, MSC, RD.

"Instant noodles can also trigger obesity because the calorie content is high enough and often consumed more than one packet and mixed with other ingredients such as corned beef," he said.

2. Diabetes
Instant noodles are claimed to contain high levels of preservatives, dyes, flavoring and salt. Plus instant noodles have a process many times so easily absorbed and increase blood sugar levels. This is expressed by nutrition experts from Pertamina Hospital, dr Titi Sekarindah, MS, SpGK.

That is why he often has to give food restrictions mi to patients, especially those with diabetes, obesity and patients who are easy to increase levels of triglycerides or fat levels in the blood, because it will worsen the condition of the three.

On a separate occasion, Dr Prasna Pramita, SpPD from Mayapada Hospital Lebak Bulus also revealed that instant noodles should be avoided by hypertensive patients considering its high salt content.

"It's all there must be MSG, so it must be high salt," he said.

3. Indigestion
This disorder is commonplace when instant noodles are cooked undercooked, along with spices. "If eaten in a condition of half-baked stomach and stomach is not ready," explained Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam dr, SpPD-KGEH, MMB., Digestive health experts from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo.

Plus, instant noodles made from wheat flour and substances developers and preservatives that are claimed to cause gas. "The spice is also usually can stimulate the stomach irritation because there is spicy," he continued.

Let alone half-baked, instant noodles are consumed in a mature state can cause problems in the stomach in certain people. In certain cases, most eating instant noodles also cause difficult bowel movements due to fiber elements are also less.

4. Heart disease
A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston in 2014 found that instant noodle fans experienced an increased risk of metabolic syndrome due to the content of salt, unhealthy saturated fat and sugar in the same instant noodles.

This risk generally occurs in women who consume instant noodles twice a week. Metabolic syndrome itself is an indicator of a number of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

To avoid the risk, Prof Lisa Young, a nutritionist from New York University who was not involved in the study, mentioned two things: "First, do not take it every day.

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5. Kidney disorders
Described Rita Ramayulis, DCN, MKes, in a pack of instant foods, including instant noodles there are about 1,200-1,500 mg of sodium, while the body needs only 500 mg a day.

"Sodium functions to regulate fluid balance, if excessive process so interfere with kidney work," he said.

Furthermore, Rita added, when kidney function decreases, the blood vessels become inelastic and rigid. This is what will eventually lead to the risk of hypertension, heart attack, stroke until death.

"Not to mention if added corned beef and sausage that contains high fat, both are also difficult to digest, so it will also burden the working of digestive organs," he added.


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