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The reasons to start exercise from now on

It is undeniable that exercise is very important for the health of your body. Starting from heart healthy, increase energy, to maintain the rest and weight. Importantly, WHO advises adults aged 18-64 years to exercise medium intensity at least 150 minutes per week, can be a way to relax, cycling, and even do the homework that is draining.

But, if you need more motivation, the following 8 reasons might make you get up from the couch and start exercising now.

1. Sports Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia

Dementia or dementia can stalk anyone, especially the elderly. This disease is a mental deterioration disorder that usually attacks the memory as well as cognitive abilities. The good news is that regular exercise is one of the best ways to combat the disease.

A number of studies have found an association between physical activity and the risk of dementia. But, it turns out the sport has more benefits than that. In fact, aerobic exercise helps increase the volume of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that plays a role in memory.

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2. Sport Helps Your Skin Looks Beaming

Your skin feels dull? Exercise! When doing physical activity, your skin also get the benefits. The flow of blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin increases, and the toxins in the body get out through the sweat. In addition, research shows that exercise can inhibit even reverse signs of aging. So you want to stay young, right?

3. Your Life Becomes More Colorful

Squeezing sweat in the gym can also help keep your bed warm. Exercise can increase your stamina and self-esteem that will boost your performance in bed. In addition, women who are accustomed to exercise generally have a more active sex life and can achieve orgasm faster than women who do not exercise. Meanwhile, exercise also reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

4. Sports Can Lower Your Appetite

A recent study found that high intensity exercise suppresses the secretion of ghrelin, the brain hormone that causes the desire to eat. That means, exercising into your daily routine can reduce your desire for snacking. So, when you are stressed, tired or bored, leave your snacks and switch to sports.

5. Your Mood Becomes Better

Physical activity not only improves mental health, but also becomes an effective mood booster. This reason certainly makes perfect sense, because exercise triggers the secretion of endorphins, a chemical compound that relieves pain while enhancing positive emotions. So, if you're sad or disgusted, exercise will make you feel better.

6. Physical Activity Reduces Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is one type of cancer that lurks millions of women in Indonesia. When there is no powerful drug to treat it, the best thing we can do is prevent it. One of the most proven ways to prevent cancer above is to exercise regularly.

Having an active physique makes it easy for you to maintain your weight, which is an important factor for lowering your risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause. In addition, regular exercise in men can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

7. Symptoms of PMS Reduced

If you suffer from painful premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, it's time to fight it through exercise. A combination of high intensity and moderate exercise can help reduce the symptoms of PMS that you feel, including fatigue and depression during menstruation.

8. Sport Extends Your Age

Exercise not only increases your lifestyle level, but also can prolong life. Research from WHO revealed that by exercising for 150 minutes per week, the expectation of a person's age can increase between 3.5 to 4.5 years. So, are you ready to live longer through the sport?


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