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Superset training guide for men

Superset is the most effective exercise program to increase your muscle growth. With a short time, you can maximize the exercise so that it can increase your muscle growth.

In this article, will be given the pattern of superset training to train the hand muscles as a whole. This exercise program uses 8 types of movement and 2 types of superset to form your triceps and biceps muscles. The superset used is the same muscle superset (same mucle group) and the opposite muscle superset (antagonic muscle group). Choose a day where you have completed the lower and upper body exercises, so in this training session you will only focus on the hand exercises only by using the superset training pattern.

A. Superset Antagonic Muscle

1. Superset 1 [4 Sets] [12 Reps]

· Dumbell Bicep Curl

· Seated Dumbbel Triceps Extension

2. Superset 2 [4 Sets] [12 Reps]

· Hammer Cur

· Two Arm Dumbbell Kickback

B. Superset Same Muscle

1. Superset 1 [4 Sets] [10 Reps]

· Skull Crusher

· Triceps Pressdown

2. Superset 2 [4 Sets] [10 Reps]

· Standing Cable Bicep Curl

· Cable Rope Hammer Curl


1. Pause break between superset done 20-30 seconds, no break breaks between types of exercise.

2. Use the maximum load, no objection and no relief. Make sure the load you use can help complete all set and reps that have been determined.

3. This exercise pattern is not for beginners.

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Superset training guide for men : my life as blogger

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